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If you are stuck and need some personal support, you are in the right place.

Dear fellow caregiver,


Let me help YOU!  My name is Pamela Spahr, the founder of Inspired Caregivers.


Right now you may be stuck in overwhelm, frustration or sadness.
Perhaps you’re tired of feeling like the “bad guy” in your caregiving.


You do the best you can, but are at your wit’s end when your loved one won’t do what you need them to do for their safety and well-being.


This role has probably taken over your life, and even when you have time off, you may have trouble letting go of worrying about your loved one.


There is so much that needs to be done, it can feel like you just can’t cope sometimes.


Do you dream of…

     • Feeling peace of mind as a family caregiver.
     • Being confident when faced with new or difficult caregiving situations.
     • Having a harmonious relationship with your loved one.
     • Achieving greater balance in your life so you don't feel consumed.
     • Experiencing greater ease and joy in your role


You are not alone!


I help caregivers gain mastery and confidence over their circumstances so that families achieve clarity and harmony with greater ease.


I’d love to help you get started with a Caregiver Discovery Session.

This is a free 30-minute consultation to determine if I can help you become a calm and confident family caregiver.


Together, we’ll look at your current caregiving situation.

I will help you identify your biggest challenges and offer a way(s) to
get the support that you need. 


These 1-1 complimentary sessions get booked up fast.


If you are ready to make changes and want to find out how we can help, click on the link below to complete your application on a secure form.


Our team will contact you within 1-3 business days to schedule your session if your application is approved.





Yes!  I want a complimentary Caregiver Discovery Session. 


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