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Family Caregivers

Our Offerings for 
Every caregiver has a story of pain or frustration.
It doesn’t have to be that way... don't let it BE your story!
Talk to us about our integrated coaching and training products.  
We have tactics ands strategies that you can use immediately.
We offer a suite of integrated products that help you find peace of mind.



If you are confused by behavioral changes in your loved one, we have Workshops that explain what to expect as dementia progresses.


If you are confused about how to manage your loved one on a
day-to-day basis; including their agitations, repetitions, and disruptions... we have Workshops that provide proven techniques that you can use immediately.

In-Depth Training

Have you had to face an impossible situation?


We have Advanced Courses that teach you effective communications to deal with difficult situations.

Coaching & Mentoring 


You do not have to face your caregiving challenges alone!! 


With a coach at your side, you can address your specific problems and get useful insight and powerful strategies to help you move forward and regain trust that comes with confident caregiving. 

A few of the comments from our event attendees:

Kelly M., San Jose, CA

“Thank you!  Your talk was wonderful, and I love the tips that you gave. . .
I would also be happy to recommend you, and we were all grateful for your time.”

Kate T., San Jose, CA

“What you do is so needed. There just is nothing like it available.”

“Appreciate your perspective and thoughtful approaches.”

Peggy L., San Jose, CA

“. . . how to be creative when dealing with someone who has dementia.”

Roz A., San Jose, CA

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