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The Cycle of Caregiving

We believe in the “Cycle of Caregiving.”

The four elements are at the very core of our coaching, training and speaking.
The Cycle represents an easy way to remember how to care for others.

The most important goal of ALL caregiving is to keep your charge safe from harm or injury.


It is harder to pull a person back from an unsafe place or situation than it is to prevent them from getting into the potentailly dangerous situation in the first place.


Did you realize that over 80% of communication has absolutely nothing to do with what you say.


Effective communication is comprised of more than just your spoken words. It encompasses a variety of both visual and auditory inputs that are utilized in the strategies that I use.


You can learn to communicate more effectively with your charge!


As a caregiver, you want your charge to be both physically and emotionally comfortable.


Of course, the more comfortable you feel in your role as a caregiver, the more comfortable your charge will feel while in your care


Action is the key to the Circle of Caregiving...


Knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it are all a prominent part of what I teach in my caregivers workshops and training programs.

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