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Professional Caregivers

Our Offerings for 
Every client, every home, and every family is different.
As a professional, you have to know how to handle any new situations, immediately.
Be Prepared with Inspired Caregivers integrated coaching and training products.
We have tactics ands strategies that you can use immediately.
We offer a suite of integrated products to ensure that you are at your best.
Workshops & Programs

Look for our practical, hands-on workshops designed specifically for professional caregivers - offered thoughout the year.


Inspired Caregivers also offers an integrated suite of training and coaching targeted to enhance the skills of every caregiver, from the novice to the expert with years of experience.

In-Service Training


This 45 minute presentation is provided to caregiver agencies and facilities for their staff members.


This is an introduction to my advanced course “Six Steps to Managing Impossible Situations.”


This hands on In-Service training gives professionals a new perspective on caregiving as well as some new tools to use immediately. 

Coaching & Mentoring 


We offer "Master Class" Coaching packages specially designed to help professional caregivers take their communications skills to a higher level.

Comments from Volunteers at Hospice of the Valley, San Jose, CA

A few of the comments from a recent In-Service Training for Hospice of the Valley in San Jose, CA.:

"Speaker was very personable and seemed to put a lot of effort into her presentation. Pam has a lot of good experience to share."


"Everything about the presentation was wonderful. I was supposed to leave early . . . but I stayed later than I should have just because it was so good."


"I enjoy expanding my tool belt of techniques to stay focused, balanced, grounded, and keep my boundaries."

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